Top 10+ Hiking Safety Tips

Top 10+ hiking safety tips

  1. File a hike plan – where are you going & when will you return?
  2. Bring water – and snacks!
  3. Wear good shoes – and socks!
  4. Get a compass & map – learn and practice using them.
  5. Check the weather – know before you go.
  6. First aid kit – get CPR trained too!
  7. Whistle – and a mirror / reflective signaling device. Check out the Fox40 whistle!
  8. Know the potential for wildlife in the area – Got bear and bug spray?
  9. Bring rain gear – and sunglasses and sunscreen. Fancy a hat?
  10. Don’t hike alone – and stay on the trail.
  11. Tools – some things are KNIFE to have. A flashlight, rope, and fire starters are handy too.
  12. Plan for overnight – even if you’ll only be gone for the afternoon.