New Scan If Found vs old “if found” Sticker

When a canoe, surfboard, dive float, kayak, dinghy, or SUP is found drifting in the ocean or waterway, first responders leap into action and begin searching for the owner, who might be lost or in danger. Sometimes, there’s a person in the water who gets the help they need, but most of the time, it’s a simple case of lost gear. Either way, Coast Guard helicopters, airplanes, and boats head out to search. Every week, the Coast Guard, state first responders, and Lifeguards are forced to launch search and rescue missions that don’t need to happen, and it hurts their ability to save lives at sea. These free stickers help people return lost or stolen gear to you, and they also help first responders save lives!

But what’s the difference between the new Scan If FoundTM stickers vs the old “if found” sticker? Simply put, it’s a better mousetrap! Let’s look at the key features and comparison below:

NEW Scan-If-Found TM stickersOld “if found” stickers
DimensionsAbout 2″ x 2″About 4″ x 6″
PrivacyOwner information is stored securely.
Owner info is only accessible by vetted
first responder agencies.
Personal info is publicly displayed.
DurabilityIndustrial grade adhesive.
Superior UV protection.
QR has scanning “redundancy” should the sticker get a little scuffed or scratched.
Sharpie washes off quickly.
AppearanceCompact, yet visible.
Looks great on any of your gear.
Large & bulky.
Not very aesthetically pleasing.
FunctionalityWorks world-wide.
Reporting website translated to 100+ languages.
English only.
Additional FeaturesPrivate messaging to owner from finder.
Owner info is never exposed to public.
CostFREE!Free, if in stock in your area